Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce that we have just added our Lifetime Warranty form in the official Sakura website.

If you just bought your new chef knife or you have had it for many years, please go to our lifetime warranty form and fill in your information.

Sakura Chef Knife Warranty Information

Thank you,

Happy New Year.



Hi again,

I am happy to say that the new sharpening whetstones are here.

They are better then I expected. 320/1000 grit combination stones.

Very nice wood box with them so they can also make a great gift.

I added some pictures here:

Our new whetstones with the wood gift box.

The whetstone with the Sakura 8" Chef Knife

They are available for sale now.

You can get more information in our Chef Knife order page.


Hi every one,

I just got new pictures of the Sharpening Whetstones.

They will be available probably around the middle of next week.

Whetstone in open wood box.

Whetstone 220/1000 grip in wood box

These are 220/1000 grit whetstones.

Will do a great job with any blade.

I’ll let you all know when we get them.

When I was studying in culinary school, one of the first things I was taught was how to correctly handle the chef knife.

When you have a well balanced knife, if you hold it right you are able to work for very long hours and not tire your hand.

The second reason for holding your knife right is to give you more power and accuracy when cutting food.

The correct way would be to have your thumb and forefinger hold the blade, and the rest of your hand hold the handle.

My first chef knife

I remember about 25 years ago, when I first moved out of my parent’s place.

I go this cheap apt, and was very proud of myself 🙂

One thing I decided to do was get really good tools for my kitchen. I’ve always loved to cook. The more complicated the dishes I did the better I like to do them. I was and still is a sort of meditation for me to cut slice and dice food.

So I went out and bought a Victorinox 8″ chef knife. It was pretty good and it cost just a few bucks.

I was really happy with it for a while untill about 3 months after I had it, it got very dull. I didn’t know how to sharpen knives then.

Still I got me a whetstone and tried to sharpen the blade.

What happened is I pretty much destroyed the blade.

That is when I started learning about knives , different knids of materials and blades.

Also the right way to keep chef knives in good shape and how to sharpen them.

If you are new to this, make sure you do some school before you start using good quality chef knives. Just so you don’t make the same mistake I did.

A good chef knife should cost around 100$ – 200$ (and it may go upt to thousands of dollars. So make sure you know how to keep your knives in top condition.

Hi everyone,

We are going to get new Sharpening Whetstone for our knives.

Great quality 220/1000 grit. Great for sharpening any chef knife. Or pretty much any blade.

You can get information on how to use a whetstone at “How to use a whetstone“.

They are also great as a gift if you know anyone who loves to cook and loves his knives 🙂 They come in a beautiful wood box.

The price is also going to be very good.

So keep watching and I’ll let you know when they arrive.

Till next time,

Keep Cooking

A Gift for Him

So it is that time of the year: husband’s birthday coming up.

“What is the perfect gift for him?”

“He has everything he needs.”

“He never knows what he needs…”

Have you heard this before?
Or have you said these words before?

I will now tell you the secret for the perfect gift for your husband:

We love tools.

It doesn’t matter if we can use them. We love them. And the more the better.

As you all know, we are hunters. That doesn’t mean that we actually explore and hunt food.
It means that we have the urge to discover things, we conquer and learn and mostly use tools to make those things easier for us. That is because we are also lazy 😉

So, the more tools we are more prepared for the hunt. We don’t even care if we don’t use them. We feel more secure if they are there.

It can be car in the garage, even if we live across the street from work.
Or a new axe, even if we will never cut down a tree.
Or a new power drill, even though the last time we used a drill was in 1955.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is the knowledge we have the tools if we ever need them. Not that we ever will.

Options are a big  thing with us men. We need to have the option to do stuff, even if have no intention of doing it.

If the present we get for our birthday is something that we can actually use, it is that much better.

If your husband loves his car, get him a set of tools for the car.
If your husband loves to go jogging (not very usual though), get him a new watch with those heartbeat counters and stuff.
If your husband likes to hang in the garage with his friends, get him a new cooler for and place a couple of Buds in it.

I love to cook. In the kitchen and also to Bar-B-Q.

I have 10 good chef knives. And I am always looking for the next one.

For me a good Chefs Knife is like any other tool, except I use it for something I love to do.

The best chefs knife I have is a Japanese chef knife made by Hattori.
It cost me 750$. I’ve had it for 5 years now.

Last year I got from my wife an amazing Chefs Knife from Sakura.

I love it. It is so much better then another tie or sweater.

So when you think of the perfect gift for your husband. Think about what your husband can “play” with.

By the way, just a quick recommendation, the Sakura 8″ Chef Knife is one of the best knives I have now. I actually use it more then I use the Hattori knife I have.

And being me, I checked it out and it cost so much less.

What can I say.
I love my wife